About VoteIT

VoteIT is the web tool to help you host your democratic and participatory meetings online. VoteIT keeps agenda, discussion, proposals and polls gathered in a sleek and simple interface. The participants choose their own facilitator or moderator for the meeting who keeps everything in order and sets up new agenda items or polls when the meeting needs them.

VoteIT is a free and open source project and is free to download from GitHub to run on your own server. The project began in 2009 when the Swedish gaming federation (Sverok) was granted the first of two €100 000 grants from the Swedish Inheritance Fund. This first part of the project was completed in the fall of 2011 with the mote.voteit.se website going live. On the site we can now host organisation’s meetings for free .

Who is behind VoteIT

There are several different organisations who have participated in creating and are involved in further developing VoteIT. Sverok and Betahaus began the work in 2009 and in the last months of 2011 a new not-for profit organisation was formed – VoteIT.

There are around 80 Swedish member organisations today.

These organisations, and many more, are committed to spread, develop and use VoteIT as a tool for improved democracy and easier participation.

Try VoteIT

At the moment we do not have a server running with the English version of VoteIT. You can either download VoteIT from GitHub and install it on your own server. Or you can simply contact us.

Contact and support

  • Please send questions about VoteIT over e-mail and we will reply shortly.
  • Our twitter account is of course @voteit